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Artist Workshop at Triple "D" Ranch

Triple “D” Ranch is excited to co-host another artist-only workshop led by two of the most renowned and talented wildlife artists, Julie T. Chapman and Greg Beecham!

For over 40 years the Triple “D” has provided their animals to artists for reference material. Greg and Julie have joined forces again to create the ultimate wildlife artist workshop by combining their techniques, knowledge and experience. With their expertise and the beauty of our amazing animals, this workshop will provide artists with the opportunity of a lifetime!

Julie’s teaching style is informal, accessible and emphasized with her comedic nature. As an incredible selftaught artist, she will speak to you © Julie T. Chapman based on hard-earned and practical experience. The workshops are kept small and intimate to allow plenty of discussion, interaction, and idea exchange. You will be encouraged to explore your own expression as well!

Greg is one of the top wildlife artists in the world today, and brings his deep experience from decades in the art world to each workshop, as well as his signature humility. Greg provides clear critiques, advice and encouragement. He also uses each workshop as a chance to demonstrate his rich, careful, beautiful painting style, allowing participants to ask questions and work alongside him. Our goal is to make this workshop a very special and memorable event for each participant.

This event for Artists only, is scheduled for three days, September 7-9, with an additional day, September 10th reserved in the event of inclement weather. The cost of this event is $1350 and will include 7 wildlife sessions. If September 10th is not needed as a make-up day additional sessions will be offered at a reduced rate of $150 per participant/per session. An organizational meeting is scheduled for 7:00 a.m. on September 7th in the Triple “D” Conference Room for all participants attending the Artist Reference Photo Special.

Information from the Triple "D" website.